Ease of Living Index -2020. Bengaluru and Shimla ranked most livable Cities in India

The EOL Index has been released by the Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Mr. Hardeep Puri.

The list has been released in two categories:

·       The rankings of cities with a population of more than a million

·       The ranking for cities with a population of less than a million

Bengaluru has been declared the most livable city among 111 cities in India, followed by Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Surat with a population of over one million. Delhi is at the 13th position and Srinagar is ranked the lowest.

Shimla topped the category of cities with a population less than a million followed by Bhubaneshwar, Silvassa, Kakinada and Salem.

List of million-plus cities ranking in 2020 with the score:

1. Bengaluru 66.70

2. Pune 66.27

3. Ahmedabad 64.87

4. Chennai 62.61

5. Surat 61.73

6. Navi Mumbai 61.60

7. Coimbatore 59.72

8. Vadodara 59.24

9. Indore 58.58

10. Greater Mumbai 58.23


List of cities with less than a million population in 2020 with the score:


1. Shimla 60.90

2. Bhubaneswar 59.85

3. Silvassa 58.43

4. Kakinada 56.84

5. Salem 56.40

6. Vellore 56.38

7. Gandhinagar 56.25

8. Gurugram 56.00

9. Davanagere 55.25

10. Tiruchirappalli 55.24


What Is Ease of Living??

The Ease of Living Index is an assessment tool that evaluates the quality of life and the impact of various initiatives for urban development. It provides a comprehensive understanding of participating cities across India based on the quality of life, economic ability of a city, and its sustainability and resilience.

How Ease of living was measured ??

East of living index based on CPS (Citizen Perception Survey) + Score of a city in 13 categories.

The Citizen perception surveys hold the weightage of 30%. It’s a survey which was conducted from 16th January to 20th March and a total of 32.2 lakhs citizens of 111 cities participated in the survey. The question asked in the survey were based on living conditions, quality of life, economic ability, and sustainability.

13 categories of Education, Health, Housing and Shelter, WASH, and SWM, Mobility, Safety and Security, Recreation, Level of Economic Development, Economic Opportunities, Environment, Green Spaces, and Buildings, Energy Consumption, and City Resilience, that account for 70% of the overall outcome.


Previous Survey Comparison:

In the 2018 “Ease of Living Index” Pune was ranked the most livable city in India which is slipped to the second position.

Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai held the second and the third spot in 2018, has slipped to sixth and 10th position respectively in the 2020 edition.


Alpha Eye Thoughts:

The EOL (Ease of living index) was first launched in 2018.This type of index provides a holistic assessment of cities. The Findings from this index can guide evidence-based policymaking. It also promotes healthy competition among cities, encouraging them to learn from their peers and advance their development trajectory.

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