Antilia Bomb Scare Case- Full Story and TimeLine


On 25th February, an abandoned Scorpio was found standing 500 meters away from businessman Mukesh Ambani's bungalow Antilia in Mumbai. 20 bars of gelatin were also recovered from Scorpio. Taking the incident seriously, the Maharashtra government increased the security of the Ambani family, and the responsibility of investigation was given to Mumbai's crime intelligence.

Mumbai's crime intelligence unit led by Sachin Waze also reached the spot for investigation. Sachin Waze was appointed the chief investigator in the case.

Today Sachin himself is under NIA's custody on this case.

Meanwhile, today a letter of former Mumbai Commissioner Parambir Singh went public, which he wrote in the name of Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray. In this 8-page letter, former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh has made several serious allegations against Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh.

First, we understand the TIMELINE of this case:

February 17: Mumbai businessman Mansukh Hiren's car was stolen from Vikhroli area.

February 18: Mansukh Hiren filed a police complaint at Vikhroli Police Station. In his complaint, Hiren claims that he had given the SUV to Sachin Waze, who returned the car on 5 February 2021 due to a technical fault in the steering. Hiren said he was forced to park the car on the Eastern Express Highway in Vikhroli on 17 February after "steering got jammed". On returning the next day, the car was missing and lodged a complaint at Mumbai's Vikhroli police station

February 25: Abandoned Scorpio with explosive material found 500 meters away from Antilia. The Mumbai Police recovered 20 unassembled gelatin sticks, some number plates, and a threatening letter from the car. Several cops, including Mumbai’s crime intelligence unit headed by Sachin Waze, reached the spot for investigation. A case against unknown persons was registered. The same night, ATS identifies the car as the one stolen on Feb 18, with an FIR registered with Vikhroli police. ATS reaches out to car owner Mansukh Hiran.

February 26: Mansukh Hiran was brought to the office of the Commissioner of Police in South Mumbai by API Sachin Waze.

February 27: API Sachin Waze again records Hiran's statement.

February 28: A terrorist organization called Jaish-ul-Hind claimed on Telegram that they had planted Scorpio with explosives outside Antilia. The Mumbai Police denies the disputes and the organization also shares a denial letter.

March 1: Crime Branch discovers that Hiran and Waze know each other, transferred the case to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Nitin Alakanur.

March 3: On Waze's suggestion, after consulting a lawyer, Mansukh Hiren complained to CM Uddhav Thackeray and Thane's police commissioners of harassment against the police and media. He had alleged that he was being treated like an accused despite being a victim in the case. Hiran wrote that the NIA, police, and journalists were harassing him, which worsened his mental health.

March 4: Hiren gets a call from "Some Tawde of Kandivali Crime Branch", who asks him to meet him at Ghodbunder Road in Thane. Hours later, Hiren disappears.

March 5: Hiren's family lodged a complaint at the Naupada police station. Hiren's body was found in a drain in Mumbra's Retibandar. The cause of death is reserved but the autopsy confirms the injuries on the body. On the same day, former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis made a sensational disclosure in the Assembly, where he claimed that Assistant Police Officer Sachin Waze was in contact with Mansukh Hiren

March 6: After pressure from Devendra Fadnavis, the case was transferred to ATS. Mansukh Hiren's family members refused to accept his body, stating that they would do it only after the police and administration made his postmortem report public.

March 7: ATS registers a case of murder, destruction of evidence, conspiracy against unknown people. Hiren's wife alleged that her husband was killed by Mumbai Crime Branch officer Sachin Waze.

March 8: Following orders from the MHA, the NIA takes over the case from the ATS, which also questions Sachin Waze that day. But the case of Mansukh Hiren's death remains with Maharashtra ATS.

March 9: Devendra Fadnavis read the statement of Hiren's wife in the assembly.

March 10: CM Uddhav Thackeray promises to punish the convict, saying that Waze should not be targeted and that he is not Osama bin Laden.

March 11: A private cyber firm appointed by the Mumbai Police claims Jaish-ul-Hind posted on Telegram from Tihar Jail. The special cell of Delhi Police retrieves a phone from a barrack where Indian Mujahideen and al-Qaeda terrorists are locked up. Meanwhile, Sachin Waze was questioned by the state ATS in the case of Mansukh Hiren's death and the NIA team conducted raids at various places in Mumbai, Thane, and Palghar.

March 12: Facing the heat from the opposition, the Maharashtra government announced that Sachin Waze would be removed from the crime branch and posted in another department. Waze refused interim bail by Thane court based on prima facie evidence in Hiren's murder case. The court asked the ATS to file its reply till the next hearing.

March 13: NIA summons Sachin Waze for questioning and arrests him in connection with the case after 12 hours of questioning. During interrogation, Mumbai's top soldier Sachin Waze allegedly admitted that he was involved in the Antilila bomb scare case. Sachin Waze says that he is a very small part of the plan.

March 14: Sachin Waze sent to NIA custody till 25th March.

March 15: NIA obtained CCTV footage, fingerprints and other evidence against Sachin Waze. NIA used CCTV footage covering the 2 km radius of Sachin Waze's CIU office from 25 February to 5 March 2021. According to the NIA, CCTV footage confirms that Sachin Waze met Mansukh Hiren on February 25, the same day a gelatin-filled Scorpio was discovered at Mukesh Ambani's residence. The NIA also revealed that CCTV footage of Waze's society has gone missing.

March 16: It was revealed that the CCTV footage was procured by none other than the talented police officer himself. Waze reportedly seized CCTV footage of his society. The footage was later damaged. In another sensational revelation, the NIA says the explosive-laden Scorpio car, which was found outside Antilia, was never stolen, but was used by Assistant Police Officer Sachin Waze

March 17: NIA seized a black Mercedes car used by Mumbai Police officer Sachin Waze from Crawford Bazar area. NIA officials also seize the number plate of the Scorpio car that used to plant the bomb outside of Antilia from a Mercedes car. NIA officials also recovered cash worth Rs 5 lakh, some clothes and a cash counting machine from the car. The Maharashtra government sacked Param Bir Singh from the post of Mumbai Police Commissioner and transferred him to the post of DG Home guard. Hemant Nagrale replaces Singh.

March 18: The National Investigation Agency seized two more luxury cars in the Antilia bomb scare case involving API Sachin Waze, raising the total number of cars seized to 5 in this case.

March 19: Top sources in Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) says that they received bruises on the head and neck of businessman Mansukh Hiren. An anonymous source from the Maharashtra ATS says that Hiren was assaulted before his death.

March 20: Big charge of former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh - Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh used to demand 100 crores from Sachin Waze every month. The case of Mansukh Hiren's death was also transferred to the NIA.


The Letter Controversy:

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh has made several serious allegations against Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh. He has said that Sachin Waze had the patronage of Home Minister Anil Deshmukh and he had asked Waze to deposit Rs 100 crore every month. Parambir Singh had also written a letter to Uddhav Thackeray regarding all these complaints. Parambir Singh also said in the letter that I have been made a scapegoat to hide wrongdoings.


Here, Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has denied all the allegations, saying that Parambir is accusing him of protecting himself. He has also spoken of filing a defamation suit against Parambir. On the other hand, BJP leader and former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has demanded his resignation. Congress leader Rashid Alvi and MNS leader Raj Thackeray has also demanded the resignation of Home Minister Deshmukh.


What allegations have been made in Parambir's letter?

Parambir wrote in the letter, 'I want to tell you that Home Minister of Maharashtra Government Anil Deshmukh called Sachin Waze many times in his official bungalow Gyaneshwar and ordered to collect funds. He asked for this money to be deposited in the name of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. During this time, his personal secretary Mr. Palande was also present there. Home Minister Anil Deshmukh had given a target to Sachin to deposit Rs 100 crore every month.

Parambir Singh further wrote, 'I have also briefed Deputy Chief Minister and NCP Chief Sharad Pawar regarding this matter. Whatever has happened or gone wrong with me, I have also given information to Sharad Pawar.

The Home Minister had told Sachin Waze that this target can be easily achieved by collecting 2 to 2.5 lakh rupees from 1750 bar restaurants and other establishments in Mumbai. He said that by doing this, 40 to 50 crores can be easily deposited.

All the allegations against me are mere speculation. If the phone call record of Sachin Waze is examined, then the truth of the allegations made by me will be revealed. Due to the influence of the Honorable Home Minister, my transfer was not a regular transfer. All the accusations leveled at me seem like vengeance. As a civil servant, I have given 32 years to the Mumbai Police or Police Department. During this time, I also lived in Naxalite areas and won many awards.


Social Media Reaction:

Following the letter of Parambir Singh on social media, several hashtags went on to criticize Anil Deshmukh and the Aghadi alliance government. #MahaVasooliAghadi, #AnilDeshmukh, #ParambirSingh, and #ParamBirSinghLetter hashtags trended on Twitter. Not only did people criticize, but people also took a lot of sarcasm at the Maharashtra government.

Some similar Sarcastic taunts trended on Twitter. Have a look:

Latest Developments in this case:

The NIA's investigation into the explosive-laden Scorpio found near Antilia, the home of industrialist Mukesh Ambani, has led to several revelations. Everything that has been revealed so far suggests that the entire conspiracy was hatched at the Police Headquarters and Assistant Police Inspector (API) Sachin Waze's house in Thane. Scorpio owner Mansukh Hiren was already in and out of the police headquarters. The NIA has also got a video recording from here, in which Waze Mansukh are seen sitting in the same car.

Meanwhile, the forensic science laboratory at Kalina, Mumbai, in its preliminary investigation has found that gelatin sticks recovered from an SUV parked near industrialist Mukesh Ambani's house could trigger a low-intensity explosion.

According to NIA sources, there is strong evidence that Sachin Waze had conspired to keep an explosive-laden Scorpio outside Ambani's house. On the night of 25 February, the vehicle was parked outside Mukesh Ambani's house. 20 sticks of gelatin were found in it. The Innova car behind the Scorpio, which was imprisoned in CCTV, belonged to the Crime Investigation Unit (CIU) and was driven by CIU policemen. In the NIA investigation, it has become clear that he took me to Scorpio and after parking it he escaped by sitting in the Innova.

The NIA recreates the crime scene late Friday at some distance from the site of the incident, Antilia. The team of NIA got Waze dressed in a white kurta. CCTV footage related to the case showed a man wearing a PPE kit. It was a loose kurta only. A safe was also tied on his head. Marking was done on the road by installing CCTV cameras in the area. A dummy Scorpio was also brought to the spot. During this time barricading was done around, so that the media and the common people could be prevented from coming. During this time the CFSL team was also present.

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